Getting that first job

When beginning a learning path you will most likely need to work as well. It is certainly possible to do both at the same time. Here are some suggested job titles/descriptions that tend to be great starter positions.

Customer Support Representative

This job is the least technical of any listed. However, it can provide the entry point into an organization which is a great first step. Like the following position, the main requirement to be successful in customer support is to have a great personality. Customer support representatives are typically helping people solve issues with the product you represent.

Helpdesk specialist

Related Job Titles: Helpdesk Analyst

You can be trained on the required subject matter to be successful in this position. More importantly, a clear demonstration of how you interact with others is a key selling point in getting hired. Being a proficient computer user provides a solid base to begin the technical on-the-job training required to do this job.

Field Technician

Related Job Titles: Systems Technician, Computer Technician, PC Support Technician, Repair Technician, Desktop Support Technician, Installer

Technicians typically go to where the work or problem is physically located. In most cases, this involves some type of hands-on work. It could be to install a new computer, repair or replace a broken one, install cabling or place some other type of equipment other than a computer. Pre-requisites for performing these duties would be the knowledge you could easily obtain from both on-the-job training paired with a solid understanding of computers, maintenance, and repair

Computer Operator

Related Job Titles: Production Control Analyst, NOC Analyst

The people doing this job are usually referred to as the people who ‘keep the lights on’. Typically this is a highly procedural job that requires you to perform steps required to keep systems running, notify others when you can’t get systems back operational, or perform daily tasks to support business processes. Although I would still consider a job entry-level people could step into it would be the hardest of all the ones listed if coming into it with little knowledge.

A few other possibilities that while not as technical, can provide you access to other future opportunities:

TV and Internet Service Installation and Repair

These are people who are coming to homes or businesses to install on-premise equipment to provide TV or Internet Services

Structured Cabling

If you are a hands-on person, getting on a structured cabling crew can get you in and around many business offices and datacenters. The exposure of seeing what all goes into technical systems can be a great starting point.

Security System Installer and Repair

Survalience and Security have made a huge leap into technology over the past decade. There are companies that provide turnkey services for any homeowner, which will have associated services come to install after purchase.

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