For many years, I have wanted to write a book on helping people with technical subjects. I still have handwritten pages across multiple notebooks containing the beginnings of would-be chapters. These papers date back more than 10 years ago.

Back before podcasts were a big thing, I had one called the Network Engineering Podcast. I took current tech news stories and discussed how they impacted the real world, examining how they related to daily challenges in the workplace. By the way, I consider the marker for when podcasts first turned into a real ‘thing’ when Apple started making them available via iTunes (2005).

I also had a semi-successful website, which I will not name here, due to the fact I no longer own the domain. The website had various how-to articles, mainly related to Network Engineering and Systems Administration. I prided myself in producing well-thought-out articles that started with zero assumptions and ended with practical solutions. Many of these articles were a one-stop-shop for solutions that you would have to otherwise piece together, by putting all the information gathered from multiple sources.

After a few years, I lost interest and stopped contributing to the site. Once the interest was lost, I let the domain renewal slip from my radar and someone quickly snatched it up. I presume the motivation was to capitalize on all the good Google rankings it had built up. The new owner quickly put up a site to spew advertising on and it quickly flopped. The domain is now parked and says it can be purchased for the low price of $20k.

The site you are reading now is a firm commitment on my part, to document and help others, as I continue to learn and improve. I would, however, like to give a couple of disclaimers:

  1. You should not assume I know what I’m talking about, in any of these articles, as I’m just passing on my experiences, thoughts about each one, and what I’ve learned.
  2. None of what you read here is endorsed by any company that I work for, past or present.

Maybe some of this site will make it into a self-published ebook one day, who knows? In the meantime, I hope we can share some time together and allow me to be of service in your daily challenges.

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