I am a very high-performing individual that is always learning, always influencing and embracing change, and enjoying working with people and technology to improve daily life. Every technical decision I make starts with a ‘security first’ attitude.


Experian Health

June 2018 – Present
Manager, Servers

I manage a high-performing team of Systems Engineers responsible for approx 5000 server assets (Windows and Linux). The team also manages 600 virtual workstations used for a secure development environment and is delivered via Citrix. We have a laser focus on automation, always attempting to do more with less.

We are responsible for implementing all security controls and maintaining overall posture. This includes configuration management and vulnerability management. Our work is audited yearly by SOCII, Hi-Trust, PCI, and Internal Audits.

I also have a separate team that reports to me through a lead person responsible for working on projects related to Infrastructure Security Modernization across the BU.

Lastly, I have responsibility for a Technology Lifecycle Management Program for Experian Health and have an FTE dedicated to the effort

July 2010 – June 2018
Senior Network Engineer

I am an extremely well-rounded engineer who worked on the design and implementation of many types of Infrastructure, Network, Server, and Security related projects.

I have an extensive background in Networking, Systems Administration, Virtualization, and many different areas of Security that were all used heavily during this period of time.

OnFocus Healthcare

March 2010 – June 2010
Senior Systems Administrator

Change Healthcare

(Formerly WebMD, Envoy, Emdeon Business Services)

June 2008 – Feb 2010
Systems Architect

Designed and Implemented an air-gapped network for DoD systems that connected to the NIPRNet, which provided pharmacy clearinghouse services to over 300 Military treatment facilities around the world

I managed all the systems and network components that made up the Infrastructure and provided a secure architecture that consistently passed DoD audits

March 2006 – June 2008
Senior Network Engineer

Member of the network design team, which worked solely on enterprise network and security architecture design. This group was also responsible for all project-related work.

I was responsible for design and implementation oversight of all network and security components for a new 14,000 sq ft Tier 4 datacenter

Implemented Cisco VOIP system to replace 1000’s of Avaya handsets

Gaylord Entertainment

Nov 1999 – Feb 2006
Network Engineer

Implemented world-class Cisco networks in new Gaylord hotels, each with 1500 rooms and 500,000 sq feet of meeting space. Technology implemented was sold as a service to top-tier tech conferences like Cisco Networkers and highly attended Microsoft conferences.

Led every major project in the networking and security space the entire time I was there

Tennessee Farmers Insurance Companies

Feb 1994 – Oct 1999
Systems Programmer

Within the first 3 years of employment, I was in working with the first CTO of the company, performing all proof of concept, design and implementation guidance for workstation, server, and network projects

Implemented and supported both the Local Area Network and also all Wide Area Networks.

Responsible for Testing, Deployment automation, Documentation, and providing top-tier support for all PC and Server Systems Software.

Designed, planned, and implemented a 2000 node Intranet for both the Home Office and 120 remote offices via a VSAT Network. This including introducing TCP/IP to a previous SNA only network.

Later integrated a new wide area network into the existing VSAT Network, which eventually replaced all 120 sites with Frame Relay.

Implemented Web, Mail, and Proxy Servers to allow employees new email capabilities and Intranet/Internet access through the corporate network.

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